They Thought This Cop Was Coming To Shut Down Their Music, But They Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong.

Most videos on the web involving police officers aren’t all that uplifting. By definition, the call to “serve and protect” can lead to confrontation, and not all who wear the badge are worthy of it.


Amidst all the negativity, we found an awesome example of uplifting and carefree community interaction out of Hickory, North Carolina. When Officer David Lee walked up to the crowd, he wasn’t approaching to shut down their loud music (and as you’ll see… it’s pretty loud!).  Instead, he wasted no time jumping in and dancing.

It may have been a small gesture, but his actions make an important point. Building community means being involved and engaged with the people around you.

After months of controversy and negativity directed toward police forces across the America, it’s incredibly refreshing to see something encouraging. If we can come together and try to understand one another, we will see the world change.

“Peace cannot be kept through force, it can only be achieved by understanding”- Einstein

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