Inspirational People: Woman Celebrates Three Years Of Survival After Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injury Leaves Her Paralyzed

A woman on a breathing tube in a powerchair laughs.

A woman paralyzed from the neck down is celebrating three years since she survived the accident that caused her spinal cord injury. Rebecca Koltun shared an inspiring video on TikTok in which she and her loved ones went out for her “survival-versary.” Since she couldn’t blow out her candle on her own, someone took out her breathing tube and pointed it at the flame. Rebecca laughed when it worked!

In another video, the young woman shared more details about her accident and recovery. During her last year of college, she went on a ski trip with some friends. After a bad fall, she woke up on a ventilator in the hospital. She had a spinal cord injury which left her paralyzed and unable to breathe on her own.


March 13, 2021-I’m still here!

♬ Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

Over the years, Rebecca has adjusted to getting around with her power chair. Although many things in her life have changed, there’s one thing she hasn’t lost: her sense of humor! In many of her videos on TikTok, she pokes fun at her spinal cord injury and the adjustments she’s had to make because of it.

Rebecca also has a hilarious way of responding to other TikTokers. When content creators exaggerate a mundane inconvenience by calling it “the worst,” she’ll stitch a video of herself dealing with the results of her spinal cord injury.

It’s amazing to see someone with as much grit and determination as Rebecca. Her response to being paralyzed from the neck down due to her spinal cord injury is pretty inspiring!

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