Teen Loses Leg After Horrific Accident Left Her Dangling From Power Line, But Her Reason For Gratitude Is Inspiring.

Kennedy Littledike lays in a hospital bed, not awake. Her leg has been amputated, an arm is in a crutch, and she's hooked up to machines.

There are moments in life that completely change our perspective. For this teen, Kennedy Littledike, one of them is the almost fatal car accident she had on May 22, 2021. Just two days prior, she saw her now ex-boyfriend kissing another girl. The two of them broke up, and Kennedy was absolutely devastated.

On the day of the accident, two of Kennedy’s best friends wanted to find a way to cheer her up. They hung out for the day, having fun, but things took a turn for the worst when one of them made a comment about Kennedy’s ex. At that point, Kennedy was behind the wheel, and she recognized that getting too emotional could be dangerous.

“I remember I started to cry, but I knew I couldn’t cry because if I were to cry, I was going to die,” Kennedy recalls. “I pulled myself together. My memory then fades out again and comes back to a ton of people underneath me.”

What Kennedy doesn’t remember is losing control of the car. In doing so, they ended up in a ditch where they hit a power pole. The impact of the crash threw Kennedy all the way up to a power line. She would go on to hang there, by her leg, for an hour as first responders worked to get her down.

Car Accident Sends Teen Hanging From Power Line

View of Kennedy Littledike's totaled car after her accident. The driver's side door is completely gone, the front of the car is totally smashed up, and part of the roof is gone.

Although Kennedy doesn’t remember everything about being on the power line, she says she was conscious and talking to the folks on the ground the whole time. By the time she got on an ambulance, though, she lost her will to carry on.

“When my life was in the hands of someone else I kind of gave up because my body was so tired of fighting for an hour,” Kennedy says. “I genuinely thought my life was over at that point. I had given up, because I didn’t think there was any way they could save me.”

One month passes. Kennedy wakes up in the hospital after a month long medical coma. She no longer has one of her legs and her left arm is partly paralyzed.

Kennedy Littledike lays in a hospital bed, not awake. Her leg has been amputated, an arm is in a crutch, and she's hooked up to machines.

As difficult as this was for the teen to process, she says that she found herself surprised by the way she was able to focus on the good while still processing her emotions.

Still, Kennedy found herself wondering if she’d ever find love. This is something her ex, who did visit her, only made worse with a hurtful comment. When asked if her amputated leg scares him, he said, “Yeah, actually it does.”

Kennedy Littledike Finds Love & Hope After Nearly Fatal Accident

But there are kind people in the world. And Kennedy met one of them last year — the two of them have been dating ever since.

@_kickitkenny_9 we were laughing too hard 😭💀 video credit: @nick hall ♬ original sound – taylro

“I thought I loved my previous boyfriend, but it’s nothing compared to what this one is,” she says. “He’s very loyal. I definitely see myself with him forever.”

Kennedy found love after her nearly fatal accident. There’s the love she has for her new boyfriend, of course, but there’s also a renewed love for herself and the new life she has now that it’s almost been taken from her.

@_kickitkenny_9 One year ago yesterday on May 22, 2021 my life changed forever. I am so grateful for what I still can do. ❤️ #greenscreen ♬ Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Within a year of the accident, she’s already found herself re-learning how to do all of the things she loves, including snowboarding and playing soccer.

“I’ve just had a really good attitude about everything and a positive outlook,” Kennedy shares. “And that’s the biggest blessing ever. I’m grateful to be alive.”

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