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Inseparable Dog And Lamb Adorably Show The Beauty Of Chosen Families.

A dog smiles happily at the camera with their tongue out as they lay on the grass. A lamb stands next to the dog, staring at them. They are adorable.

There’s the family we’re born with, and then there are those we choose to make our family. The baby lamb in a Facebook video shared by Humankind found herself all alone when, soon after being born, her own mom rejected her. Luckily, another loving creature was happy to take her place.

Rather than another lamb, it was a dog who came to her rescue. An unexpected bond between the two of them grew from the moment this precious pup met the lonely lamb. It all started when the dog began to lick the lamb through the wire fence.

Over time, they began to spend time together outside of the fence. Now? You’ll rarely find them without the other. From taking naps side by side and drinking from the same milk bottle to jumping around outside in hopes of finding the best stick, these two are the definition of a chosen family.

Watch their beautiful bond blossom over time in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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