“Flying” Deer Spotted In The Sky… But They Aren’t Delivering Presents!

Deer flying through the sky with the help of a helicopter.

They may not work for Santa Claus, but these three deer can still fly! Well, ok, they may have had a little help from a helicopter. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recently posted a video to Facebook showing how they transport these animals for research purposes. After receiving GPS collars, the deer also get check-ups to make sure they’re healthy.

“Each winter, our biologists capture and place GPS collars on approximately 1,200 deer throughout the state,” reads the caption. “They are also brought to a staging area where we perform health assessments before safely letting them go back into the wild. These important efforts help us monitor and learn about deer migration patterns.”

Deer flying through the sky with the help of a helicopter.
Screengrab from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources/Facebook

The clip demonstrates how these three “flying” deer are gently returned to solid ground at the end of their trip. There, experts are waiting to remove the safety gear so that the animals can go back to frolicking in the wild.

Flying deer in December is still pretty festive, even if they’re not actually from the North Pole. However, there’s one deer who has probably had enough of Christmas. This poor creature got tangled up in someone’s string lights!

Watch the video below to see real-life flying deer this holiday season.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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