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Incredible Pantomime Routine Will Have You Dancing In Your Seat And Singing Aloud!

Four panels displaying the pantomime routine of Yosuke Ikeda

Pantomime routines are frequently boring and often annoying. But they can also be humorous, uplifting, and loud! Loud? Yes, we said loud. We know what you’re thinking: Mimes are silent, so how can they be loud? Well, once you see pantomime artist Yosuke Ikeda you’ll understand. When we first saw this routine on TikTok we had to watch it several times to catch all the bits and pieces.

Yosuke Ikeda is a Japanese performer who brings new life to the stage with his vivid shows. Combining juggling, magic, and stunning visuals, this artist is able to bring words to life without uttering a sound! A graphic designer (and a math teacher!) by trade, he is able to incorporate aspects into his stage shows that amaze audiences. While fairly well-known in Japan, he is working to obtain a worldwide following. Look for more from this ingenious entertainer in the future. Here is a short video showing his adaptation of an open/close sign.

Using simple design principles, Yosuke Ikeda demonstrates the versatility of letter placement on the sign he created. The turning cogs rotate to adjust the positioning of the letters to change how the sign displays. Using similar principles, he has created a stage show showcasing the Beatles hit song, “Hello, goodbye.” With the song playing in the background, you will find it difficult not to sing along.

There are no invisible boxes, unseen doors, or creepy white face paint. You won’t see many of the typical pantomime tricks. You will see imagination, ingenuity, and stunning visuals. However, as you watch the routine below, ask yourself the question that has been puzzling us for days: “Where did the third hand come from?”

Watch the incredible performance on TikTok below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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