Incredible Moment: Dolphins Share Wave With Surfers During California Flooding And High Surf.

dolphins with surfers

With flooding in California producing incredibly high waves, more than just humans are enjoying the surf! In fact, these dolphin surfers just made a serious splash!

While enjoying the high California surf, these dolphin surfers popped out of the water to say “Hello!” They’re proving that everyone can make the most of these environmental changes — human or not!

california waves with dolphin surfers
This image is from Facebook.

It’s a truly incredible sight to see. As the surfer moves by, a crowd of dolphins begin leaping out of the water in incredible synchronicity. It looks like a show we’d pay money to see!

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for dolphins to join the waves in various parts of California. How cool is that?

“Dolphins looove to play around the surfers. See it every day here in San Diego CA,” commented one surf-lover.

“This is the coolest surf vid I’ve EVER seen!!!” said another.

This enthusiasm is well-deserved. Surfing is quite a feat, so to do it alongside some new dolphin friends is a seriously awesome sight to see.

Check out these epic California waves, with accompaniment from an unexpected dolphin surfer below. It’s definitely a clip worth a watch!

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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