There Are 86,400 Seconds In A Day. This Short Film Reminds You To Take Advantage Of Each One.

The 2-minute short film below starts with these powerful words: “One day consists of 86,400 second. Each one containing countless options, possibilities, and decisions of which only one can emerge. 86,400 second. This is one of them.” From there, the film– called One Second– presents the endless possibilities that come with the choices we make each second.


The video features a man and a woman in a coffee shop. They are strangers, but the man makes the choice to introduce himself to the woman. After that, everything changes. The man and the woman travel together, fall in love with one another, have their first fight; they share an entire life. Then, the video shows what happens when the man doesn’t introduce himself. Their life together vanishes.

This video begs the question: How will you take advantage of each second today?

Every single day we make choices we have to live with, so why should we live with regrets? Let this short film– created by director, writer, and producer Marko Slavnic– motivate you to make bold choices, to live for every single one of those 86,400 seconds every day.

Check out the thought-provoking video below.

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