2-Yr-Old Shows Off Her Hilarious New Jersey Accent And It’s Too Adorable

A two-year-old with the cutest New Jersey accent and her aunt.

Elaina Christina hosts The Elaina Show on TikTok. The show offers a comedic look at life with a definitive New Jersey twist. Several of her posts have recently included a pint-sized dynamo in the form of her two-year-old niece, Giavanna (Gia). Being from New Jersey, Elaina never thought much of her own accent. That became a focus when fans commented on little Gia’s adorable New Jersey accent.

After noticing the peculiar way her niece said “chawcolate,” Elaina knew that her fans needed to hear the cuteness. Elaina recorded videos asking Gia to say certain words and phrases to give fans more of what they crave. The results are predictably hilarious.

mom and girl
Image from TikTok.

Elaina agreed to allow Gia to “do her makeup” during the recording. This, of course, added a completely new level of hilarity to the video. The first phrase Elaina asked Gia to repeat was, “I’m looking in a mirror.” Gia enunciated very clearly, “I’m looking in the mirwah.”

During each exchange, Elaina fights to pronounce the phrases without her accent entaferring. Meanwhile, makeup was applied in an orderly manner.

girl puts makeup on mom
Image from TikTok.

Phrases included, “Hey Nona, give me a meatball,” “Hey, I’m walking here,” “I’m going to the ball,” and “I am a star.” Gia dutifully pronounced each phrase with her adorable New Jersey accent. The two had a lot of laughs, and the makeup session was a success. You can watch the entire video of Gia saying phrases here.

mom is covered in makeup and daughter laughs
Image from TikTok.

A New Jersey Accent Is Very Distinctive

In a second video, Elaina has Gia repeating words. “Caw-fee,” “Wah-tah,” “Tawk,” “Wawk,” “Cohl,” and “Drawah” sound absolutely adorable when Gia says them. At the end of the video of words, as Elaina is laughing hysterically, her sister (Gia’s mom) enters the frame. You’ll have to watch below to see what she added to the video (it’s a perfect ending). Be sure to share this if you laughed at that poor innocent child (you know you did).


she was raised RIGHT. & for the record it was very hard for me to say these words without my own accent 😂 #fyp #newjersey #newyork #italianamerican #babytok #babiesoftiktok

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