25 Times Parents Caught Kids In Hilariously Ridiculous Situations

As any parent knows, kids can be quite a handful... but the little moments you share with them make it all worth while! In fact, sometimes it's not even the moments you share. Sometimes, it's the moments you catch. To show you what we mean, we've rounded out 25 of the goofiest, weirdest, and funniest pictures of kids on the internet to make you laugh. Below are 25 examples of times parents caught their kids' weirdness on camera. Because even though your kids may make you say "what the heck," these ridiculous moments end up adding so much joy to life! Check it out below!

1. Adventure-seeker regrets decisions

2. What a little romantic

3. Future makeup artist?

4. What a hero

5. The kid in the back!

6. Beauty queen

7. Such a heartfelt apology

8. Omg

9. What son? I don't see anyone

10. All I see is a basketball hoop

11. Who knew dragons were so good at yard work?

12. That's not coming off easily...

13. So confused

14. Another excellent hider

15. You do you, traffic light kid

16. Someone tell her he gets redeemed at the end!

17. And that was the last time they took her to a farm

18. Shop til you drop

19. This is why we can't have nice things

20. They're just so soft!

21. Um, what happened was...

22. Future CEO

23. Just having a chat

24. Woah, optical illusion

25. Live and learn!

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