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“I’ll Sing Again” Celine Dion Shares Defiant Message In The Face Of Debilitating Neurological Disorder

Celine Dion gives a small, determined smile during an interview

The iconic Celine Dion began to sing on stage when she was only 12 years old. This life-long passion turned into a massive career — one that came to a sudden halt in 2023 with a canceled world tour. That’s because, in 2022, Dion was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS). It causes muscle spasms that can be debilitating. On particularly bad days, Dion is barely able to move. You can imagine, then, how difficult it makes singing professionally.

Although fans mainly care that Dion is happy and healthy, they do hold onto hope that she will one day perform like she used to do. When asked about how it feels to have those expectations placed on her, Dion insists that she doesn’t mind. In fact, she shares the same hopes that her fans have of her future — and she’s working hard to make all of their dreams a reality.

@cbcnews Céline Dion is determined to sing again. In a Canadian English-language exclusive, she told CBC chief correspondent Adrienne Arsenault about battling the disease slowly eroding her voice and the fans who fuel her drive to someday return to the stage. Watch the full interview from CBC’s The National now on YouTube and the free CBC Gem app. #CelineDion #Music #Singer ♬ original sound – CBC News

“I’ll sing again,” Dion says with a fiery determination in her eyes.

Getting to a point where she can perform again won’t be easy, but it’s a goal she’s been working toward for a while. There is no cure for this autoimmune disease. But what Dion can do is undergo therapy in order to lessen the muscle spasms she experiences that prevent her from singing.

Celine Dion Remains Determined to Sing Again Despite Debilitating Disorder

“My voice will be rebuilt,” Dion says in another interview. “I mean, it started a while ago already. My voice is being rebuilt as we speak, right now.”

Naturally, fans couldn’t be more thrilled by this hopeful update! Something that many of them are noting is the way she talks about the relationship she has with her fans. Often, the focus is put on what a celebrity means to their fans, rather than the other way around. But Dion is making it very clear that her supporters mean the world to her, too.

“I was 12 years old when I met them [the fans],” Dion says. “I probably miss them more than singing itself.”

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