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Teacher Surprises Kindergarteners With Wholesome “Picture Of My Favorite Student Ever”

A teacher smiles as she holds open a treasure chest in her lap. A kindergartener peaks inside the treasure chest.

There are some experiences that are so unique to being a teacher. For example, they experience the joy and heartbreak that comes from having countless students briefly enter their lives, only to move on soon after. But no matter how brief a student’s time is in a teacher’s classroom, they’ll always leave a lasting impact. This concept may be difficult for a kindergartner to understand, but this teacher, Ms. Kelli, found the perfect way — by sharing her “favorite student” with them.

Ms. Kelli shares her clever method in a now viral video. She starts by holding a treasure box. Inside, she says, there’s a picture of her favorite students. One at a time, she invites her kindergarteners to take a peak inside, seemingly making sure they don’t reveal who is inside. With each kid who looks inside, their faces brighten with a happy smile! Learn why that’s the case in the heartwarming video below…

@the_wondermint I was smiling so hard that it helped me hold back the tears. What precious souls I taught this year and they truly are all “my favorites.” #teachersontiktok #teachertok #teachersoftiktok #iteachk #kindergarten #ilovekindergarten #iloveteaching #foryoupage #teacherforyoupage #fypage #teacherfyp #seethewonderkeepitfresh #endofschoolyear #endofschooltradition ♬ Moments to Memories – Adeline Hill

As you may have guessed, there isn’t actually a photo of a student in Ms. Kelli’s treasure chest. Instead, there’s a mirror. So, when each student looks inside, they see themselves!

“I was smiling so hard that it helped me hold back the tears,” Ms. Kelli shares in the caption of her video. “What precious souls I taught this year and they truly are all ‘my favorites.'”

Kindergarten Teacher Finds the Best Way to Reveal Who is Her “Favorite Student”

“As a mom sending her first born to kindergarten next year, this is the sweetest thing you could have done for them,” someone writes in the comments.

“I could not be happier to have a child during this generation of teachers,” another person shares. “Thank you for the care you give.”

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