“If Brands Were Brutally Honest,” Hilarious Takes On Brand Slogans

A comment thread from Reddit about a brand.

Have you ever wondered what brand slogans would sound like if they were brutally honest? One user decided to pose this question on Reddit, and some of the responses in the thread are truly hilarious. Of course, the funniest “slogans” are the ones that reflect what we’re all secretly thinking when we shop those brands. Whether they’re about the quality of the products themselves, or the reasons people actually buy them, these brutally honest brand slogans are way too accurate!

If you could use a good laugh right now, keep reading! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite responses to this Reddit thread.

1. It’s more ad than video at this point…

A Reddit comment making a joke about YouTube.
Screengrab from Reddit

First, you watch a couple of ads before your video. Then, there are the mid-roll ads. To top it all off, your favorite content creators usually include a word or two from their sponsor. But hey, at least it’s (mostly) free!

2. Is that a side effect or is it the actual treatment?

A Reddit comment making a fake slogan for Benadryl.
Screengrab from Reddit

Anyone who has ever taken this allergy medication knows that it basically knocks you out. Whether this is a good or bad thing usually depends on the circumstances.

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