Hilariously Cheesy Puns To Fuel Your Work Week

Image shows an alpaca in the left frame and a tree frog in the right frame.

Whether you call them “dad jokes” or cheesy puns, we all get a laugh when we hear them. If you have a funny bone (don’t lie, everyone does), you’ll enjoy this foray into the cheesiest and punniest we could find.

We developed a groan scale to rate our choices today. One groan is low; five groans are high. If we added a giggle, it means we got a snort-laugh out of that one. Let us know if you agree with our choices and ratings.

1. Did you hear about the kidnapping at school yesterday?

Don’t worry – he woke up!

Meme showing a cat with the words, "'Kidnapping is illegal!' Me wondering why kids aren't allowed to nap:"
Image from imgflip.

We rate this one three groans. It is mildly humorous but totally in the “dad joke” class.

2. Coffee has a rough time in our house.

It gets mugged every single morning!

Image showing a full coffee mug, hand grinder, and French press.
Image from Pexels.

Another three groans. Unless you’re a coffee drinker, it could be one or five groans, depending on the level of your addiction. We don’t want to put anyone on the spot, so we’re sticking with a safe middle-of-the-scale rating.

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