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If Animals Could Talk… 15 People Share The Sweetest Things They’d Tell Their Pets.

man cuddling dog in his lap

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a real conversation with your pet? We’re not talking about the wordless communication we all have with our animals. We’re wondering what you’d say if someone waved a magic wand and suddenly you have 24 hours to discuss anything you like with your beloved animals.

The people responding to this Reddit thread had great answers, and we’re thoroughly impressed with how sweet and wholesome their conversations would be!

1. “I would reassure my dog that the people walking in the street aren’t going to hurt us. Delivery drivers are not evil. The people at the vet are very nice and will never hurt you. They help keep you healthy.”

2. “Tell him that he doesn’t have to be so anxious when we leave the house. We’ll always come back to him.”

3. “I would tell our cat how much we love him and how lovable he is. I would tell him that I value every second with him. I would tell him that we don’t let him outside because he has a medical condition not because we choose not to let him outside. I would tell him that we disappear all day, most days, because we have to, to earn our keep not because we want to. I would tell him that we don’t want to go to the vet either but we have to go to keep him well. I would also tell him that if I tread on him or kick him it’s by accident and perhaps he should not put himself in places where I might not see him. I would ask him if he is okay and happy, whether he feels well, whether he’s in pain at all, and what we could do to make him happier. I would stroke and cuddle him the whole time.”

4. “I’d tell her to quit being a baby and go up the doggy steps I bought for her so I don’t have to bend over and pick her up every night.”

5. “I would profusely apologize for ever stomping on their tails and swear on my mother’s life it was always an accident. Then I would love to ask what really bothers them and try to make their life better.”

6. “Talk about dog life and how it’s like, what they think, do they think, do they dream, do they like the food that is given to them, what do they do when left unsupervised, and maybe go on a walk and talk about anything and everything.”

7. “If you need to throw up please get off the bed. Better yet, get on tile. Love you. Thanks for never scratching the kids when they’re being crazy.”

8. “I would just love to hear her tell stories of her favorite memories from her point of view. Maybe I’d tell her mine too. I really would just like to catch up like old friends.”

9. “I’d ask him about what his life was like before he was picked up by the shelter (he was a stray when they found him). I’d also tell him how proud I am of him learning new things. I’d reassure him that he doesn’t need to feel anxious or afraid when he sees other dogs on our walk (he’s leash reactive, we’re working on it).”

10. “I’d probably create some sort of code with the pet like ‘bark twice to go outside’ so that I’m able to understand them even after the 24 hours.”

11. “I would ask him about his odd behaviours, though I know that most of them are the result of his being a rescue racing greyhound. But more specifically, for example why are plastic bags so scary? Why do you beg for treats, then sometimes don’t even eat them but line them up on your bed in a certain order? And did you really eat that whole chicken, bones and all?”

12. “I’d like to ask my dog what all her gestures and barks mean so that I can fully understand what she needs without any doubt. It’d be nice to know if she likes her food and what her favorite toys are too.”

13. “I would love to know what they dream about.” 

14. “I would tell my turtle that I’ve had for 15 years, since he was a baby, that I’ve loved him and cared for the best I know how, and even though I’m not rich enough to get him the giant turtle-mansion of an enclosure that I know he deserves, I still give him the best I can. I would ask him if I’m imagining the affection he seems to have for me, and tell him I can’t wait to watch him grow for the rest of his long life.”

15. “Please let me know how to be a better friend to you because you deserve everything.”

It’s official: Pet lovers really are the best people on earth! Thank you to all the Redditors who confirmed our suspicions by sharing their adorable thoughts.

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