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Microchip Saves The Day When Cat Accidentally Hitchhikes 500 Miles From Home.

oscar bob laying in someone's arms looking peaceful.

It turns out that cats do not need to have thumbs to hitch a ride!

Emily Obergoenner shared a story on Facebook about the family cat, Oscar Bob Climb, who recently went missing from their Cape Girardeau, Missouri home. The family had adopted Oscar Bob (formerly known as Bob Meowly) from Southeast Missouri Pets. Thankfully, the shelter implanted a microchip before he was adopted.

Emily never gave the microchip a second thought, but it turned out to be Oscar Bob’s ticket back home after he got out of the house one summer day.

“We couldn’t find him,” Emily wrote on Facebook. “Several nights passed with no sightings despite trips around the neighborhood. We live in the country and were worried a larger animal had gotten him.”

A few days later, Emily got an email from the Found Animals Registry. Oscar Bob had been found! But when Emily looked closer, she thought they’d made a mistake. The cat they’d found was linked to her, but he’d been located 500 miles away in a whole different state!

It turns out that Oscar Bob had climbed into the engine of a truck in Missouri and wound up 500 miles away in Michigan. Naomi Wahl and Sam Rogers discovered the dazed kitty and brought him to a vet’s office to check for a microchip. When they found out how far he’d traveled, they went out of their way to get him back to his family right meow.

“They got in contact with us, took care of him, and provided us photo updates while he was in their care,” Emily stated. “Naomi and Sam pampered him and brought him with them on their 500 mile journey home. We are SO THANKFUL for them! He was in our arms by yesterday afternoon! Kate is over the moon! She has made up for lost cuddle time with our little adventurer.”

Now that he’s back safe and sound, Emily hopes her now-viral post encourages pet owners to get their fur babies microchipped! You never know when that little rice-sized piece of technology could bring your best friend home.

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