Iconic Meme Kids Finally Meet After FaceTiming Every Day For Years.

three photo collage of gavin thomas and ava ryan smiling as ava jumps onto gavin's back, of gavin making an expressive face, and of ava looking up and in the distance in front of a wall with bat decals

Kids seem to have a knack for making new friends in all kinds of circumstances, but the story behind Ava Ryan and Gavin Thomas’ friendship is especially unique.

It all started when both of them went viral on Vine, a video app that no longer exists. For Ava, it started with a video of her at 18 months old where she passionately repeats “I smell like beef.” Gavin, on the other hand, became known for his iconic facial expressions that still make for the best reaction images.

As the two of them quickly grew a following, they started to talk to each other (with the help of their parents) through messages and calls. In fact, Ava and Gavin have been FaceTiming each other every single day for the past five years.

In that time, the two of them have become best friends who have never seen each other in person… until now!

Thanks to their parents, this adorable duo was able to hang out at the Mall of America for Ava’s 12th birthday, something they’ve wanted to do since 2017.

“I was excited and nervous at the same time,” Ava said. “I call it nervicited.”

Thankfully, all of those nerves seemed to fade away the moment they saw each other and went in for a long-awaited hug. What followed was a full day of riding roller coasters, competing in bumper cars, enjoying delicious treats, and, of course, doing some shopping!

“I was so excited to meet my BFF Ava!” Gavin said. “We counted down each day together over FaceTime! I invited her to the Mall of America back in 2017, so it was so much fun that we got to go for her birthday!”

“It did not feel real,” Ava said. “Seeing him in person after seeing him on FaceTime was a lot different and it was awesome.”

Needless to say, Ava and Gavin will never forget the day they finally got to hang out with their best friend in person. Because these two have amassed such a loyal following, they weren’t the only ones excited for their meet-up!

Fans around the world have expressed how much they’ve loved seeing these two become friends, especially those who have been around since their very first viral videos.

“Wow this is incredible,” one fan wrote. “Watched these two grow up and now they’re pals. Love it.”

Needless to say, when the day came to a close, Ava and Gavin were sad to have to go their separate ways. But even though it took them five whole years to hang out in person for the first time, the wait for the second time won’t be as long.

“I wish I could see him every single day,” Ava said. “But I think we will see each other again this summer.”

Gavin added, “I hope we can see each other very soon. For now, we just keep calling each other every day – and we take a virtual acting class together.”

Watch Ava and Gavin’s adventure below and don’t forget to share.

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