11-Yr-Old Refugee Who Lost LEGOs Fleeing Ukraine Gets Flooded With Sweetest Gifts.

11-year-old andrey sidorov smiling as he holds a lego motorcycle that he put together.

Igor Sidorov and his family weren’t sure what to expect when they left their home in Kyiv to seek refuge in Ireland, but the amount of love and support they’ve been shown, especially to their son, Andrey, has blown them away.

Because they had to escape so quickly, they weren’t able to bring everything with them, including Andrey’s beloved LEGOs. At just 11 years old, he’s already become quite the impressive builder with thousands of followers on Instagram and hundreds on YouTube. Knowing how much they mean to him, his dad decided to reach out for help.

Luckily, he was able to find the perfect group for this type of request: “Help Ukrainians in Ireland.” In the post he shared, Igor said “My eldest son is engaged in the creation and construction of various LEGO toys on a semi-professional level without instruction. He is a very clever boy. War changed all … We need any LEGO, any size and colour, in any quantity. Everything is just for the development of the child!”

Although Igor was hopeful that a few people would be willing to help them out, he never expected to receive hundreds of responses to his post! Before they knew it, they were being sent a steady stream of LEGOs, all of which are arriving at the hotel they’re staying at in Galway.

At first, they were only receiving donations from locals. But as word spread of Andrey’s talent and love for LEGOs, people from all around the world began looking for ways they could donate as well.

“New toys have been delivered… it’s non-stop,” Igor said. “A lot of people sent us lots of boxes, new Lego, used Lego – so my Andrey is already building toys with Lego again.”

As millions of Ukrainians seek refuge in neighboring countries and beyond, it’s the children who are having the toughest time, especially those too young to understand what’s going on. That’s why Igor is so grateful that complete strangers have chipped in to help his 11-year-old have some sense of normalcy during such a difficult time.

“He is delighted. He will start with something simple, but very important,” Igor said. “He will make the flag of Ireland – this truly great and beautiful country.”

Once Andrey’s homage to Ireland was complete, he also had some kind words for the people who have welcomed him and his family with open arms.

“Glory to Ireland! Thanks to this great and incredibly friendly country!” Andrey wrote. “Thanks to all these wonderful and very kind people with very big hearts!”

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