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Ian McKellen Eats Ice Cream With Spa Worker And Other Sweet Celeb Stories.

There are lots of stories on the internet about people meeting a star in public. Not all of them are good.

Some famous folks are both haughty and callous, but there are so many more who are gracious and kind when confronted by a nervous, pen-wielding fan. A recent Reddit post asked people to share the kindest celebrity encounters they’ve had, and their answers made us love these celebs even more.

1. Yes, that’s SIR Ian McKellen over there eating ice cream.

2. Weird Al? More like Kind Al.

3. Bryan Cranston couldn’t be sweeter if he were actually made of chocolate.

4. She may have been the “Queen of Country,” but superstar Loretta Lynn kept it real.

5. David Hasselhoff has an incredible memory.

6. Bruce Willis and Seth Green were both nice to the “regular” people who make their lives run smoothly.

7. P!nk enjoyed a night of blending in with the non-famous folks.

8. Steve Martin and Martin Short work very hard to make us laugh.

9. This lucky person had great encounters with both Queen Latifah and David Hyde Pierce.

10. Batman, er… Michael Keaton, is apparently very nice in person.

11. John Cena and Dave Bautista walked into a gym…

12. Aaron Paul is nothing like Jesse Pinkman, and that’s a very good thing.

13. Meeting Jeff Goldblum sounds like fun!

14. Tyler the Creator likes to prank his fans before posing with them.

15. By all accounts, Adam Sandler is a sweetheart when you meet him out and about.

It does our hearts good to know that fame hasn’t gone to these celebrities’ heads! It’s clear the people in the stories above are still grounded and remember that fans are the people who make them famous. Gratitude is key!

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