“I Used To Protect Him, Now He Protects Me.” Woman Shares Touching Bond With Her Horse.

A woman stands in between one white horse and a group of other horses.

There is no greater bond than that between a woman and her horse. If you don’t believe that, just watch this social media user interact with her four-legged friend! TikToker Mika shared a beautiful video about her relationship with her horse, whom she calls her “personal bodyguard.” It’s amazing to see how protective this animal is of their owner!

In the clip, Mika uses an audio that says “I used to protect him, now he protects me,” to describe her friendship with her horse. First, the video opens with footage of the human keeping the other horses away from her bestie. Later, she shows how her animal defends her from other horses by blocking them. What a strong bond this woman must have with her horse!

If you’re wondering why Mika was punching and kicking the air in the first half of her video, a stranger’s comment may have actually cleared things up.

“Tbh thought I was the only one out here pretending I was the boss mare for half an hour just so the one horse could eat in peace,” they wrote.

A woman stands in between one white horse and a group of other horses.
Screengrab from TikTok

Other videos from Mika’s account show the softer side of this woman’s unique bond with her horse. She shared the most adorable footage of the sweet animal giving her kisses and cuddles in the stable. There are also plenty of clips showing the pair going for rides together.

It’s amazing to see the connection between some humans and their animal companions. This woman is so lucky to have such an unbreakable bond with her horse!

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