When Her Owner Is Injured, This Horse Starts Limping Too!

A horse attempts to walk like her owner, who is limping.

Being so in sync with your horse that they can read your body language might sound like a good thing, but one trainer discovered that it can have its downsides. When a leg injury left her limping, this horse’s owner found it difficult to get her mare to walk — not because of the pain, but because the animal kept trying to copy her movements! Seeing the way her owner was lifting her leg, the horse assumed that she wanted her to follow suit. In the footage, the horse copies their owner’s limp… quite hilariously we might add!


The trainer shared a clip of the incident on social media.

“She is so confident I’m asking for a Spanish walk,” she shared in the video, referring to a specific type of performance step.

A horse copies her owner's limp.
Screengrab from Lines Equclick/TikTok

One user joked in the comments, “Oh! You want me to walk like that? Like you’re doing? I can do that! Here we go!” Another wrote, “I think, at this point, she’s just mocking you.”

The owner of the horse is a trainer, and has taught her horse a variety of behaviors and performance gates. It’s no surprise that her horse thinks this funny walk is another training session, and is a bit confused!

Watch the video below to see this well-intentioned horse try to follow her owner’s lead!


Note to self: don’t injure your leg when you have horses. #clickertraining #horse #fail

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