Foo Fighters Change 10-Yr-Old’s Life With This 1 Performance. “Who Does That?”

David Grohl throws his hands in the air in amazement as the 10-year-old fan he invited on stage plays the guitar perfectly.

There are moments in life we can simply never forget. For 14-year-old Collier Cash, one of those moments is sharing the stage with Foo Fighters. It happened four years ago at their concert in Kansas City. The band had completed their main set and were back for an encore. As fate would have it, Collier had the opportunity to ask if he could play with them.


At that point, they had already played every Foo Fighters’ song that the 10-year-old knew. So instead, Collier decided they should perform a Metallica song. While David Grohl certainly didn’t seem confident in his own ability to do one of their songs, he was more than willing to give it a shot for this enthusiastic fan. Not only did the crowd go wild for this kid’s incredible guitar skills, but this moment went on to change his life forever.

Now in his high school’s marching and jazz band, Collier is pursuing his own career in music, something he greatly attributes to the kindness that Grohl and the rest of Foo Fighters showed him that night. He reminisced on that magical moment on Instagram, once again thanking them.

“I was 10 years old,” Collier wrote on Instagram. “Who does that? Lets a 10-year-old on stage? Dave Grohl does.”

Watch Collier’s unforgettable performance with Foo Fighters in the video below.

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