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“I Know You’ve Been Finding It Hard Since I’ve Been Gone.” Boy Gets Letter And Special Gift From His Late Dog.

A little boy smiles as he sits on the floor, letter in hand.

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives. It’s no wonder, then, that when they pass on, it’s so hard to say goodbye. One little boy was experiencing this first hand recently after losing his beloved pet, Bruno. Once enough time had passed, even though he was still upset, his parents thought it was time to introduce another friend in his life.

To make the reveal special, his parents wrote a letter as if it were from Bruno. He started to read it for everyone else to hear, but it didn’t take long for him to burst into tears.

A little boy sits on the floor. His head is down, and it looks like he's crying. A woman sits next to him on a couch. Text on the image reads "You're forever my friend."

“Hey buddy, it’s me, Bruno,” this sweet kid read. “How are you doing? I know you’ve been finding it hard since I’ve been gone.”

At this point, Mom took over for him as he listened to “Bruno” explain that he thinks it’s time he made a new friend and that Elvis is the perfect choice. Soon enough, this 4-month-old rottweiler was brought in to meet his new human, and the water works continued.

Although it’s clear that, at the time of this video, this sweet kid dearly missed Bruno, his family is happy to report that he and Elvis have quickly become the best of friends — just like Bruno had hoped.

Watch this sweet kid read a letter from his late dog, Bruno, in the heartwarming video below.

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