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Husky Vs. German Shepherd: Dogs React To Vacuum “Attack” In Hilariously Different Ways.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man laying on the ground, pretending to scream as he holds the hose of a vacuum to his chest, imitating an attack. The second photo shows a husky sitting on a couch. He's looking slightly down at the man on the floor, though he can't be seen in this photo.

There are countless reasons as to why people love dogs: They can help us stay active, keep us company, and they’re simply so stinkin’ cute! Plus, some people will get a pup to keep guard of their home. When you want a dog like that, however, you have to be careful. Not every four-legged friend is quick to jump to our rescue, as can be seen with the way this husky reacts to his human being “attacked” by a vacuum. First of all, yes, this is just as silly as it sounds.

But also, allow me to explain how Immanuel came up with the idea to test his dog, Zeus, in this way. While scrolling on social media, Immanuel came across a video of a German shepherd and his owner. When the human pretends to be attacked by the vacuum, his dog jumps into action. This prompts Immanuel to ask: How would my dog react?

Husky Reacts to Vacuum “Attack” in the Funniest Way

@immanandzeus He saw an opportunity and he took it… #husky #germanshepard_husky #dogsoftiktok #funnydogvideos #huskiesoftiktok #fyp @Puppi_Paws ♬ original sound – Immanuel Tan! – Immanuel and zeusky the husky

As you can see in the video above, Zeus doesn’t really know what to make of his human laying on the floor. Rather than seeing the loud vacuum as a threat, he simply walks away, totally unbothered… or so it seems!

Instead, Zeus’ actions seem to be motivated less by apathy and more by a strong desire to eat food. More specifically, the food that belongs to his incapacitated human. By the time the person recording realizes, it’s too late.

A husky stands on his hindlegs as he eats food off a plate on a dining room table. Text on the image reads: He ate my dinner.

“Husky didn’t even wait til he took his last breath,” one person writes in the comment section. “I got a feeling he been waiting for this moment for a while.”

“That seven stages of grief went by in dog years,” another person adds.

A man lays on the ground, pretending to scream as he holds the hose of a vacuum to his chest, imitating an attack.

Despite Zeus’ lack of empathy for his owner, Immanuel isn’t taking it personally. In fact, he can respect the fact that this plan was, in fact, quite clever.

“He saw an opportunity and he took it… ” Immanuel writes in the caption of the video.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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