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Husky Coming Out Of Anesthesia Has Hysterical Response To “Cone Of Shame.”

zeus husky comes out for anesthesia

If ever there was a breed known for its vocalizations, it’s the Siberian husky.

Moaning? Check. Groaning? Yep. Whining? You bet. Howling? Checkcheckcheckcheckcheck. And you may as well add on a couple dozen exclamation points for good measure… especially when it comes to Zeus. When the hilarious husky was hauled off to the vet last week for a procedure, we’re sure he didn’t go quietly. Fortunately, the surgery was successful, but the very vocal husky still had to give everyone a piece of his mind when he woke up.

When Zeus went in to get a growth removed from his eye, he was probably pretty nervous. No dog likes to go to the vet.


But thankfully, he made it through the surgery fine. When he woke up from anesthesia, though, he was decidedly not fine with the fact that he had to wear the infamous “Cone of Shame.”

“Not cool, Mom.”


During the ride back home from the vet, Mr. Motormouth let his mom have a piece of his mind. Unfortunately, for the normally very loud husky, the effects of anesthesia made him a little groggy.


This meant his howling was just a bit softer than usual.


His mom wrote on YouTube that when he got home he “rested comfortably on his bed with his brother Kaden by his side.”

Listen to Zeus’s protestations in this hilarious video below, and share to spread wishes for a speedy recovery!

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