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Man Catches Husky Jumping On Trampoline — Husky Acts Like He Did No Such Thing!

Images show a happy husky jumping on a trampoline.

You might have seen your dog pretending innocence, but this husky deserves an Oscar. We are unsure who the original videographer is, but we found this video posted in several places dating from six years ago. In the video, a husky is grandly bouncing on a trampoline. Seeing his dad watching, he does something no one could have expected.

The energetic husky is having tons of fun bouncing.

Images show a husky bouncing happily on a trampoline.
Image from YouTube.

He stops bouncing when he hears his dog dad open the door and come outside. The poor, embarrassed baby almost fell over before bouncing neatly into a sitting position.

Images show the husky bouncing into a sitting position when he is caught bouncing on the trampoline.
Image from YouTube.

Once he was sitting, he proceeded to act as if nothing was going on. He even turned away, appearing to look for whatever his dad thought he saw!

Image shows a husky sitting "innocently" on a trampoline, pretending he didn't just get caught bouncing.
Image from YouTube.

“There’s Nothing to see here, Dad. I’m just being a good boi and sitting here.” This is a performance worthy of an Oscar! We’re sure the dog dad would not make this good boi stop having fun. The dog’s reaction was hilarious. But this dog isn’t the only husky that enjoys bouncing on a trampoline.

This Husky Isn’t The Only Dog That Enjoys A Trampoline

Bouncing on a trampoline isn’t just a “husky thing,” either. We found hundreds of videos of dogs of all breeds having fun with this popular backyard toy. One of our favorites is Kingston, another husky. whose parents got him his very own trampoline.

According to Kingston’s owner, the husky bounced a lot when he was younger. Huskies have lots of energy. After considering options to help Kingston work off his energy, they bought the husky a trampoline. The owners swear it was their best decision ever. Kingston’s mom, Anna Jacobs, got him when she was 18. The family also has other dogs, and they chronicle their adventures on TikTok.

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You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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