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“When Your Dog Has Been Missing For Almost 1 Year And Mom Finds Him On Facebook”

A little girl cries as she hugs her brown dog.

After going missing, this dog is ecstatic to be back home with his family. His humans are pretty thrilled, too! Azia Bradley on TikTok shared that her family’s beloved pooch, Duke, had gotten lost almost a year ago. They probably didn’t think they’d ever see him again! However, thanks to someone on Facebook, they were reunited with their four-legged family member.

In a sweet video, Azia shared the heartwarming moment she and her kids got to see their missing dog again for the first time. One of her daughters was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw Duke. She wept in disbelief before crouching down for hugs and kisses with the pup.

“When your dog has been missing for almost one year and Mom finds him on Facebook,” Azia wrote over the footage.

Duke looked incredibly happy to see his two-legged siblings again. In fact, he was so eager to be pet that he almost knocked one of the little ones over!

“As SOON as his little human came into view you could see his excitement,” one commenter wrote on the video.

“Goosebumps!” exclaimed another. “So happy he is home and safe.”

What should you do if you find a lost dog?

Azia and her family must be very grateful to the people who found their missing dog. Duke’s story is a wonderful reminder that we should all know what to do if we happen upon a lost pooch! Thankfully, the American Kennel Club has some excellent tips for dealing with this situation.

For example, it’s extremely important to make sure that the dog is ok with you approaching them before reaching out. Take it slow, and let the animal’s response inform your next move. Some pooches may not want you coming anywhere near them, in which case you shouldn’t force the issue.

Here’s another great piece of advice: if you bring a missing dog home, don’t let them get too close to your other pets. If they have a disease or parasites, they could pass it along to your four-legged friends. You wouldn’t want that! Instead, take the pooch to the vet right away and make sure they’re healthy before letting them wander all over your home.

A little girl cries as she hugs her brown dog.
Screengrab from TikTok

Apparently, social media is a really helpful way to contact a missing dog’s owner, especially if you can’t find a phone number or if no one is picking up. Whoever posted Duke’s information on Facebook obviously had the right idea!

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