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Huskies And Cats Take On Water Balloons For A Pawsitively Adorable Challenge.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a black and white husky looking surprised at the hall in front of him that is full of balloons. Text near his head read “Are you kidding?” The second photo shows a man smiling as he watches two of his cats carefully walking down a hallway full of water balloons. He holds a husky who is by his side.

What do you get when you combine huskies, cats, and a whole bunch of water balloons? That’s the kind of question Eric and Helen pose on their YouTube channel, North Yuki Husky. Their account features all sorts of adorable videos with their beloved pets. They have three huskies named Yuki, Monty, and Olive as well as three cats: Sonya, Belka, and Bat.

In a particularly popular video, Eric and Helen place lots of water balloon in their hallway – so many, in fact, that they take up the entire walking space! With Eric leading by example, he encourages their pets to venture into the water-balloon-filled pathway. Each pet has at least a moment of hesitation, but it’s Olive who is most resistant to the unusual flooring.

Still Eric and Helen don’t push her, allowing her to stay back as the others make their way to the other side of the hall. Finally, though, Eric gives his adorable pup an encouraging hug. With that, Olive suddenly has the courage needed to step a paw into the unknown. And with Dad by her side, she’s finally able to do succeed! Truly, Olive is such a good girl!

Watch Olive and the others take on the water balloon challenge in the video below.

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