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Baby Seal Joins Rescuers In A Touching Moment: “We Have A New Team Member.”

A baby seal calmly keeps two men company as they help free an older seal who has rope wrapped around him.

You never know what’s going to happen during an animal rescue mission. Ocean Conservation Namibia in Walvis Bay, Namibia was reminded of this fact earlier this year. Two rescuers, Antoine and Denzil, were at Pelican Point when they spotted a seal who was entangled in rope. In order to help the little guy, they had to approach a giant group of seals. It wasn’t easy to spot him as they all scattered, running away from the two men, but they were able to do so in no time.

With the seal in their grasp, they realized just how injured he was – his skin had grown over the entanglement. As Antoine and Denzil carefully worked together to rid the seal of the rope, another little friend decided to join them. This seal, who was only a baby, calmly stayed by their side. Considering the fact that animals tend to be scared of them, they didn’t mind at all having some friendly company.

This little one was so fascinated by the rescuers, in fact, that he stuck around even when the older seal was freed. Naturally, this meant he had become one of them.

“We now have a new team member,” one of the rescuers said. “We’re going to call you Billy. Billy is part of the team now.”

Watch this harrowing rescue, and the adorable presence of Billy, in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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