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Husband Sets Nearly Impossible Goal For Wife To Attend Jelly Roll Concert… Until Jelly Roll Himself Steps Up!

A man and woman smile as they post in front of a window. Text on the image reads: Asking my husband how many likes I have to get for him to take me to see Jelly Roll in concert...

There’s so much to love about being a fan of a popular artist — the massive community of like-minded folks is amazing alone! On the other hand, it can also present challenges. This includes how difficult it can be to get your hands on inexpensive concert tickets. Will and Amy Casey, who are both fans of Jelly Roll, found themselves in this situation recently. Still, Amy was determined to find a way to get tickets.

Her idea? To share a post on social media — if it reaches the amount of likes her husband chooses, then they’ll get tickets. This setup is one that’s become quite popular, with the goal often being nearly impossible. Will, on the other hand, found a new way to make it even more challenging: Get Jelly Roll or Bunnie Xo, his wife, to leave a comment.

Text conversation between wife Amy and husband Will

Amy: How many likes do I have to get for you to take me to a Jelly Roll concert??

Will: We need money, not likes

Amy: We're broke up

Will: But we don't have the money for a concert. I will make you a deal. We will go if Jelly Roll or [Bunnie] comments on our post!

Amy: But Jelly Roll and Bunnie might not see it. They busy [crying emoji]

Will: Well, I guess we aren't going! lol

Amy: [unamused face emoji]

“But Jelly Roll and Bunnie might not see it,” Amy says of Will’s goal, already feeling defeated. “[They’re] busy.”

Husband Promises to Take His Wife to a Jelly Roll Concert… if the Singer Comments on Social Media Post

In any case, this is the goal they stuck with, neither of them expecting to get anything out of it other than some laughs. But social media can be a magical place sometimes. Long before Amy’s post got popular, Jelly Roll himself saw it. But he didn’t just leave a comment — he also offered them free tickets!

Comment from Jelly Roll: See yall there. Send Bunnie your info and we will hook up tickets [folded hands emoji]

As you can imagine, Amy was shocked to get a notification that Jelly Roll left her a comment! She captured her own priceless reaction, along with Will’s, in the video below. Talk about pure joy! (Content Warning: Language)

@keepingupwiththecaseys Replying to @Jelly Roll OMG! i love you and @Bunnie Xo 🪄 so much!! #fyp #trending #relatable ♬ original sound – Will and Amy Casey

In the comments, Amy was happy to share that Bunnie has already responded to her message! In fact, she and Will are all set for their concert, which is taking place in October — and we can expect an update video then. Based on all of the positive feedback the couple is getting, plenty of folks will be eager to see it!

“When you finally make it big and don’t forget your fans,” a fellow fan says of Jelly Roll. “Congratulations on the tickets!”

“Between his music and this app, that man has made me cry more than anyone!” someone else shares. “What incredible human beings both him and Bunnie are! So happy for you and hubby!”

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