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Husband Gets Spooked By Unexpected Stowaway While Taking Out The Trash!

A man got startled while taking out the trash.

One man recently got quite a scare when he tried to take out the garbage! Security footage shows him heading outside with a full trash bag ready to be tossed. He notices a discarded carboard box on the patio, which he assumes to be empty. However, when he picks it up, he quickly realizes that it isn’t! A tiny kitten leaps out of the box, hilariously startling the man.


No kittens were hurt in the makings, just my husbands pride😂 #funny #kitten #husband #scream #fyp

♬ original sound – ObviouslyOlivers

As it turns out, the little stowaway was one of the family’s kitties, Smudge. Apparently the cardboard box is one of the feline’s favorite places to hide! In response to commenters asking if the cat still enjoys hanging out in the box after the incident, the family uploaded a follow-up post on TikTok. In the clip, Smudge is trying to get some me-time in the box, but their siblings have other ideas!

Watch the video below to see these playful kitties trying to get Smudge out of their hiding spot,


Replying to @ala.boo The follow up you’ve all been waiting for! #smudge

♬ original sound – ObviouslyOlivers

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