Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Celebrates Their 15th Anniversary With Beautiful Piece Of Wisdom

Bruce Willis kisses his wife's face.

Emma Heming Willis is celebrating her crystal anniversary with her actor husband, Bruce. That’s 15 years of marriage for this celebrity couple! To honor the special day, the loving wife wrote the most beautiful post on Instagram. Although her husband’s ongoing battle with dementia makes the occasion bittersweet, her words on marriage are inspiring.

“Today marks our 15th wedding anniversary!” wrote Emma Heming Willis. “And today, I can make a choice. I can wallow in sorrow or I can celebrate it. I call this the ‘remarkable reframe.’ What I know is there is so much to celebrate. Our union and connection is probably stronger than ever.”

She continues the post by listing all the things she’s grateful for in her life with Bruce Willis.

“We have two bright, fun and healthy daughters. We have a family unit that is built on mutual respect and admiration. And simply, I just love and adore the man I married. I’m so proud of what we have and continue to create.”

Bruce Willis is getting love and support from his family.

The Die Hard actor’s family has been caring for him since his diagnosis in 2022. That’s when Bruce Willis found out he had aphasia, which affects a patient’s speech and comprehension. After that, the celebrity was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. This came as a blow to his loved ones, but they’re still there for him no matter what!

Emma Heming Willis has spoken at length about the pain of watching the person you love most succumb to dementia. In a heartbreaking Instagram video, the mom of two shared that she was dealing with some pretty heavy feelings. However, even in her sorrow, she was still grateful for the support of others.

“Today is one of those days of feeling the grief and sadness,” she added in her caption. “But the silver lining or the flip side is that I’m so lucky to feel your warmth and love that is directed to my husband and our family.”

It’s devastating to see someone you love suffer, but Bruce Willis is incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who care about him so much. We’re wishing a very happy crystal anniversary to him and Emma Heming Willis.

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