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Friend Secretly Films Teen’s Chilling Rendition Of “Chandelier.”

It’s becoming more clear that even incredibly talented singers start out shy. Sometimes it takes a sneaky video going viral to give their confidence a boost.

Although Loïc Nottet is quickly becoming an international star now, his humble approach to his craft is what made people take notice of him just two short years ago. Before he hit the big time, Loïc had a close friend that secretly shot a video of him.


In the video, Loïc appears to be in the middle of a voice practice session, singing “Chandelier” by Sia.

Little does he know, there is a camera on him the entire time.



The way he belts out each note will give you the chills.

Of course, as soon as the singer notices he’s being filmed, he puts up a humble hand to the camera. He was truly singing like no one could hear him.

Earlier this year, 21-year-old Loïc released a number one album in his home country of Belgium. He also recently took home a European MTV award.


Watch the video below that brought him into the viral spotlight and share this story as a reminder that accomplishing big dreams can start in humble places.

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