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Humans Can Fly! At 90 Ft In The Air, This Aerial Silk Performer Proves It.

38-year-old arielist named erika lemay performing with silk ropes tied to a balloon as she moves through the sky at 90 feet in the air

Ever since she was 3 years old, Erika Lemay has been fascinated with the idea of flying.

It all started when a beloved balloon of hers flew away. It was in that moment that she became determined to one day learn how to fly… and so she did!

Her journey began with ballet classes followed by a short career in gymnastics. But it wasn’t until she discovered the art of circus performances that she found her true passion, something that led her to becoming “the youngest and most prominent member of Cirque Eos” at just 11 years old.

And so began Erika’s 25-year career as an aerialist, during which she’s traveled all around the world, delighting millions with what she calls Physical Poetry Productions.

These productions are quite literally breathtaking, in part because they’re so incredibly dangerous. Erika tries to stay as careful as possible, but mistakes happen, one of which led to her fully dislocating her shoulder.

“Mostly we didn’t know what kind of use of my arm I could have again in the future,” she said. “So that was a change of life for me, and I stopped performing.”

But just as she was determined to learn how to fly at 3 years old, Erika made it her mission to not let an accident be the reason she had her last performance.

After two years of extensive rehab, she managed to get herself in the best shape of her life and back to doing what she loves, a love that she’s taking to America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

From the start, the judges and audience knew that Erika had something special up her sleeve. Instead of performing on the usual stage, everyone was moved to a makeshift stage outside.

Near the judges’ new sitting area was Erika, a crew of helpers, and… a massive pile of balloons floating in the air.

Everyone waited with baited breath as she attached herself to the silk ropes that were tied securely to the balloons. Then, as “Alive” by Sia began to play, her performance officially began.

Without a net or anything else to catch her, Erika beautifully danced at 90 ft. in the air as these words rang out, “I’m still breathing, I’m still breathing, I’m alive!”

Meanwhile, the people who were holding onto the balloons began to run around, a touch that truly made it seem as though Erika had finally found a way to fly.

To say that the crowd and judges were impressed would be a massive understatement! In fact, all three judges, Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, and Travis Pastrana, were so blown away that they wanted to use a Golden Buzzer on her – this sends contestants directly to the final so they don’t have to face the Superfans vote.

The only problem was the fact that they only get to use that button four times in a season, one of which gets chosen by the host, Terry Crews. That being said, people do say that rules are meant to be broken…

Watch Erika’s mesmerizing audition below and don’t forget to share.

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