Father And Daughter Keep Sweet 40-Yr Tradition Of Posing For Photos In Same Spot.

hua and huahua

Hua Yunqing is a sentimental man, especially when it comes to his daughter Huahua. It probably seems like just yesterday when he welcomed his bundle of joy into the world. Today, she’s a mom raising two daughters of her own.

While her childhood flew by, Hua can look back at those years whenever he wants to thanks to a unique album that took decades to create. Forty years ago, a then 26-year-old Hua asked his wife to snap a picture of him and 1-year-old Huahua in front of Taying Lake in Zhenjiang, China.

The adorable duo has returned every year since then to continue the beautiful tradition! Watch Huahua grow up right before your eyes in 20 heartwarming photos below.

1. 1980, the year their tradition began.

“I didn’t have any thought of doing the same thing again but when I got the photo back, I liked it so much that when we went back the next year I repeated it,” Hua said. The rest is history!

2. 1982

3. 1984

4. 1986, the transition to color!

5. 1988

6. 1990

7. 1992

8. 1994

9. 1996

10. 1998, the year technology saved the day!

Huahua actually couldn’t make it to the lake this year, so instead of breaking their tradition, her dad edited a snapshot of his daughter into the picture!

11. 2000

12. 2002

13. 2004

14. 2006

15. 2008, the year Huahua’s first daughter turned the duo into a trio.

16. 2010

17. 2012, Huahua’s second daughter joined the family tradition!

18. 2014

19. 2016

20. 2018

Their appearances and surroundings may have changed, but their love for each other certainly hasn’t!

What a wonderful way to memorialize their sweet relationship! We know both Hua and Huahua will cherish these photos for the rest of their lives — as will Huahua’s daughters when they grow up!

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