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Howl Do You Say It? Rottweiler Helps Teach New Little Sister How To Say “Mama.”

baby Amy and her rottweiler brother Ozzy

Babies pass about a million milestones in their first year of life, from rolling over to saying their first word. It’s always fun for parents to see their kids learn and grow, and just like with anything else in life, it’s more fun when you add dogs! Take the video below, for example, which was gifted to the internet back in 2021 and continues to bring smiles years later.

In the clip, a mom from Greeley, Colorado is using her camera to video her baby daughter, Amy, who is sitting in a bouncy chair and looking flat-out adorable. Mom is trying to capture her daughter’s first word on video, and naturally, she’s hoping that word will be, “mama.” She chants the word over and over for the infant, but Amy says nothing. Her canine brother, however, had plenty to say. Just off-camera, the family’s 2-year-old rottweiler Oswald (Ozzy) seems to say, “mama,” in howl form!

How can a video that’s only 15 seconds long be this precious? Take a look below!

You can find the source of this article’s featured image here.

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