How’d He Get In There?! 3-Yr-Old Rescued From Hello Kitty Claw Machine.

After being trappend in a claw machine, a 3-year-old was rescued by Queensland police.

Kids are going to be kids. You take your eyes off them for one second, and they will be up to their eyeballs in mischief. Such was the case when a couple’s three-year-old got stuck inside a Hello Kitty claw machine. Queensland Police responded to the scene as onlookers wondered how he got in the machine. They performed a claw machine rescue, deftly removing young Ethan from the plush environment.

Ethan’s parents noticed him missing, and they located him inside the Hello Kitty claw machine. Ethan was happily bouncing around in the machine, unfazed by his predicament.

Young boy trapped inside an arcade claw machine.
Image from Facebook.

Responding Queensland police officers assessed the situation. They could not access the prize compartment through the locked cabinet door, so they sought other rescue options. The officer tapped on the front of the structure, discovering that it was glass. The officers and Ethan’s parents came up with a claw machine rescue plan.

Queensland Police assessing the situation before attempting a claw machine rescue.
Image from Facebook.

After discussing the options with Ethan’s parents, the plan was put into action. Ethan’s mom stood at the back corner of the display case. They coaxed Ethan into climbing through the plethora of plushies toward his mom. Once Ethan was safely as far from the front of the case as possible, the Queensland police officer broke the glass front.

Breaking the glass on the front of the prize compartment of the claw machine.
Image from Facebook.

The claw machine rescue was successful, as the Queensland police officer lifted Ethan safely out of the machine.

Young boy being lifted to safety after being trapped inside a claw machine.
Image from Facebook.

As Ethan ran to his waiting dad, the Queensland police officer stated, “You won a prize. Which one do you want?” Onlookers and Ethan’s parents ended the incident laughing about the absurdity of it. Ethan will have tales to tell in his teen years of the daring claw machine rescue.

After The Claw Machine Rescue

The Queensland Police Service posted a rescue video on their Facebook page with the caption, “Ethan and the Police: 1 Claw Machine: 0.” We’re glad Ethan was safely rescued from the claw machine.

It takes seconds for children to end up in predicaments like this. They are, by nature, curious beings. No matter how closely parents watch their kids, there will still be those unexplainable instances. Just be happy and thankful that they were able to rescue Ethan from the claw machine without injury.

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