Artist’s Reminder That “‘Bad’ Kids Need The Most Kindness” Will Pull On Your Heartstrings.

Image of the first tweet in a series discussing the merits of befriending the "bad kid."

As parents, we have all seen the neighborhood “bad kids.” We tend to warn our children away from them without hesitation. X user Doe Kawaii sent us an important message via a 9-post comment on her timeline. Her post reminds us that most bad kids act out for a reason and that rather than ban them, we should show those children the most kindness. Whether a child is yours or a neighbor’s, Doe’s message hits the heartstrings with a twangy pluck.

1. Observe The Bad Kids When They Think You Aren’t Looking

Image that says, "Nice kids are great, but people need to remember "bad" kids need the most kindness even if they aren't yours. There was a boy that was just awful, breaking into my garage & destroying things. The other kids hated him. One day, I saw him watching my kids & I drawing outside."
Image from X (Twitter).

Doe begins with a post about bad kids and how we must remember that they need kindness the most. She elaborates that a boy in her neighborhood was just awful. Then, one day, she caught him watching her drawing outside with her children.

2. Engage The Bad Kids In Conversation

Image says, "And asked if he liked drawing. He glared said, "not that kind." ( I was drawing MLP for my daughters.) so I asked him what kind, & he ignored me. I nodded and kept sketching, & he says "I bet you can't draw Naruto." So I did, and I could see his face soften up."
Image from X (Twitter).

It all starts with a few simple words. For Doe, she asked the boy if he liked drawing. The conversation was short, and he challenged her to draw the manga character Naruto. Doe drew Naruto and saw the bad kid’s features soften a bit. It takes very little to make every child feel “heard.”

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