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How Seal-y! Rescued Seal Gets In A Soapy Situation During An Escape Attempt.

palmier the seal looking silly with a soapy mustache as he lays on the floor near a bucket of water and animal-friendly disinfectant.

Palmier the seal will take your help, but he’ll put up a fight the entire time.

The weak and underweight seal was discovered on a beach in Kent, England. Thankfully, he was quickly taken in by RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center where they discovered a tag on his flipper – this indicates that he’s been rescued like this before.

When Palmier wasn’t being fed or given medication to help him get back to tip-top shape, he was attempting to find a way to escape, something we imagine both frustrated and amused his hardworking rescuers.

Although he was never successful, one attempt in particular especially didn’t turn out like Palmier had hoped. Once he made it out into the corridor, he became fascinated with a bucket full of animal-safe disinfectant. We don’t know the details of what happened, but his rescuers were in for a treat at the result of his shenanigans.

“We went out to give the seals their lunchtime feed, and found him there with his bubble mustache,” Ash Peters, a wildlife assistant at the center said. “It was so funny to see, especially as he was normally so grumpy – he looked like a distinguished gentleman!”

@mallydamswildlife Palmier escaped out of her pool and gave herself a makeover with the foot dip (it’s safe for animals in case of scenarios like this) #beard #seal #greyseals #sillyanimals ♬ Perfect – Bellaaa

Luckily for Palmier, his time at the center has already come to an end and, as you can imagine, he was more than happy about it!

“He was pushing against the door of the kennel to get out and headed straight into the sea with no hesitation,” Ash said. “It was a perfect result! Seals always give us a little look back – we like to think it’s them saying farewell!”

Watch Palmier finally break free, hopefully for the last time, in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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