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How Ryan Gosling’s Daughters Helped Coach His “I’m Just Ken” Oscars Performance

Ryan Gosling wears sunglasses as he sings into a mic for his Oscars performance of "I'm Just Ken."

Sunday night, Ryan Gosling lit up the Oscars’ stage with his I’m Just Ken performance — but not without help from his daughters. Considering how big of a hit the Barbie movie has been, it’s no wonder that Gosling was given the chance perform his iconic song live. If you’ve seen it, you understand that the actor didn’t hold back the Kenergy, taking the time to interact with the audience.

Eva Mendes and their daughters, Esmeralda Amanda and Amanda Lee, attended the dress rehearsal for his Oscar performance. Sitting in the front row, they were able to give him helpful feedback. Based on how his performance turned out, it’s safe to assume that their feedback is just what he needed.

“They gave me some tips and some notes,” Gosling shares, “all great notes.”

His daughters’ help extends far beyond this one performance. In fact, they’re a huge reason why Gosling chose to take on the role of Ken in the first place.

Ryan Gosling’s Daughters Inspire His Journey as Ken

Ryan Gosling invites Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, and America Ferrera to sing during his Oscars performance of "I'm Just Ken."

“They are such a huge part of this for me,” Gosling explains. “… it was my girl’s interest in Barbie and disinterest in Ken that got me into this in the first place. It was beautiful to have them there at the end.”

Although Gosling’s kids weren’t with him during the live performance, I can only imagine they watched from home, proud as ever of their dad for always being Kenough.

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