How One Simple Delivery Changed This 71-Yr-Old DoorDash Driver’s Life Forever.

a seventy one year old named kerry judd smiling and posing with a 21 year old woman named anabelle stephens outside in a restaurant parking lot

When 21-year-old Anabelle Stephens ordered some food using DoorDash, she unknowingly started a chain of events that would forever change a stranger’s life.

It started when her doorbell camera gave her a view of the elderly man delivering her food. He was clearly struggling, but he still managed to get the job done. And it broke Anabelle’s heart.

“Honestly, it made me super sad,” Anabelle said. “I knew if that were my grandpa, I wouldn’t want to see him working.”

To help him out, she gave him a $30 tip on a $21 order — but that was just the start of her generosity.

After a TikTok she posted of the delivery went viral, Anabelle became determined to use the attention she had garnered to raise money for this mystery man. But first, she had to find him.

She tried contacting DoorDash about getting his info. But because the company isn’t allowed to give out personal details on their delivery drivers, they had to contact him first. Unfortunately, he never answered.

Still, Anabelle kept posting updates on TikTok and, before she knew it, her original video had 12 million views! But of those people, the one she needed to find it the most did: One of the delivery driver’s sons.

“I’m working on setting up a meeting with Kerry! His son reached out and said he’s a very private man,” Anabelle wrote. “He’s been working basically his entire life and has gone through lots of hardships. I gave his son my number and I am now waiting for Kerry to reach out to me so we can set up a meeting and hopefully help this man retire!”

Finally, Anabelle knew this sweet man’s name: Kerry Judd. And even though he’s normally very private, she had the privilege of learning even more.

At 71 years old, Kerry has yet to have the opportunity to slow down. His wife died in 2011, and his two sons are under his care. He works as both a security guard and a DoorDash driver, though that income isn’t reliable, and recent health issues have made things even more difficult.

“It isn’t easy with DoorDash basic pay of $2.50 per delivery,” Kerry said. “DoorDash fees are expensive so people don’t always tip because times are tough and there are times they are not able to go out so they order DoorDash.”

Anabelle shared his story on GoFundMe where it slowly but surely began to reach countless people who were moved by Kerry’s struggles.

“It started very, very slow,” she said, “but then once the word got out it, it just skyrocketed.”

Before they knew it, news outlets around the world were sharing Kerry’s story. And now, over a month later, over $107K has been raised!

Since starting this fundraiser, Anabelle and Kerry have had the opportunity to officially meet in person over dinner. There, she learned that he’s “funny and sweet,” and that the house she lives in might have once belonged to a babysitter Kerry used to take his kids to many years ago.

“I can’t begin to describe the amount of support from across the world! This is beyond words and beyond what I could ever imagine!” Anabelle wrote. “This is life changing for Kerry and that is ALL from you guys!!!”

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