5 Ways We Can Support The People Of Ukraine Right Now

In February 2022, the Russian military actively invaded Ukraine, but their citizens are not taking it lying down!

Ukrainian military and civilians immediately mobilized to fight back against their oppressors, arming themselves with everything from guns to homemade bombs. As they fight valiantly for their independence, many in the United States and other countries are wondering what they can do to help. Here are a few simple ways to show support for the people of this war-torn nation right now.

1. The first step is to stay informed.

The Russian government thrives on spreading lies and misinformation. You can combat Russian trolls and other propaganda by only reading and sharing verified and accurate information about the attack on Ukraine. Only trust information from the people who are experiencing the crisis firsthand!

Here’s a list to get you started:

2. Show your support with peaceful protests.

People all over the world are turning out in droves to show their support for Ukraine while condemning Russia’s actions. The right to demonstrate and organize on a grassroots level is one of our inalienable rights here in the United States. The people of Russia don’t have this sort of freedom. Let’s use ours to show our support!

3. Contact your state representatives and senators.

Urge your local law makers to keep up with strict sanctions to hit Russia where it hurts – in the wallet. It takes just a few moments to send an email or make a call to let them know how you feel. In addition to sanctions, embargoes, and blocking Russia from the SWIFT banking system, ask your local government to step up humanitarian aid to the millions of Ukrainians forced to leave their homes against their will.

4. Make a donation.

War often creates poverty, and the people of Ukraine need our help. Displaced citizens need assistance getting access to food, medicine, and medical care. There are a lot of organizations helping them through this crisis. Here are a few to consider:

  • Ukraine’s main charity fund.
  • Donations to the National Bank of Ukraine will help them purchase weapons to defend themselves, among other things.
  • The children of Ukraine have already born witness to shocking acts of violence. Voices of Children provides psychological support for children who have witnessed war.
  • Sunflower of Peace is a small nonprofit that helps Ukrainian orphans and other displaced people.
  • A $50 donation to Save the Children can prevent 3 children from going hungry for a month.
  • Care has teamed up with People in Need to provide food, water, and other supplies to families fleeing violence.
  • Ukraine-based Vostok SOS offer humanitarian and psychological support to people who had to leave their homes due to violence.
  • United Help Ukraine is an American nonprofit that’s currently raising money to send first aid kits and other aid to Ukraine.
  • American nonprofit Nova Ukraine is assembling supply packages with essentials like diapers, baby food, hospital supplies, and dry foods.

5. Support Ukrainians living in the United States.

If you know anyone with Ukrainian roots here in the U.S., reach out to them to see if there’s anything you can do to help. Showing solidarity can mean so much, especially for people feeling helpless to act because they’re so far from their homeland.

No matter how far away we are, this conflict affects us all. Let’s show our solidarity with Ukraine every day until this horrific situation is over!

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