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How Many Hugs Can You Give In A Minute? These 2 Might Break The Record With 153!

Two men try for the most hugs in one minute.

It turns out that anything can become a competition if you’re determined enough, even hugging! David Rush, who already has over 250 Guinness World Records under his belt, decided to go for one more: most hugs in a minute. Since hugging is typically a two-person activity, he collaborated with YouTuber Josh Horton. Together, the pair hugged 153 times in 60 seconds!

According to UPI, the previous Guinness World Record was set at 138 hugs. Prior to that, the organization called for a complete lowering of arms in between each embrace. However, when David and Josh watched their predecessors’ video, they realized that the pair had not observed this rule. The new contenders opted to ignore it, as well. Now, they’re waiting for the results of their submission!

Watch Dave and Josh hug it out 153 times in the video below.

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