Powerful Video Captures Little Boy’s Day, Has Adults Reconsidering How They Talk To Kids.

A new video released by the Atlanta Speech School is making its way around the internet, and it is truly eye-opening. In the video, a little boy goes about his day at school. From the moment he gets on the school bus, he is greeted with coldness and hostility, which seems to become the theme as we see him go from the bus, to the classroom, and throughout the rest of his day.

The young boy started his day enthusiastic and ready to learn, but slowly the scene shifts: to a classroom full of students who are disinterested, bored, and disruptive.


Though the video focuses on adults within a school setting and the impact their negative words leave on the students, it is really important for all adults to rethink the way that they are speaking to children.

Will the words and mannerisms you use when speaking with a child inspire them to be creative, to study hard, and to be an outstanding citizen? Everyday our choices deeply impact the children around us. Whether we’re aware of it or not, they’re watching and following our example.


These children are the future of our country and need to be inspired.

Watch the video below for this eye-opening message, and share.

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