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This Woman Is Crocheting For A Cause And The Whole World Is Cheering Her On.

If you bumped into Jill Volarich right now, odds are she’d be crocheting. That’s because the mom of three has been crocheting ever since she was in college – close to 30 years now – and she loves it.

But she doesn’t craft just for the fun of it. She has found an incredible way to use her passion to give back to people in her own community, and we can’t help cheering her on!

“Crocheting is definitely my passion,” Jill said. “I love to make things, I love being a creator. I love that it’s something you can give to someone else.”

And Jill definitely gives her creations away! She has donated about 750 items in total to organizations that support people experiencing homelessness, children in need, and cancer patients. She also gives some of her crochet projects to her community to sell at fundraisers and other events.

Jill doesn’t mind not getting any recognition for her generosity. In fact, she prefers it that way!

“So I feel really happy when I’m able to pass something along to someone else, and one of the things I love about it the most is that a lot of it is just anonymous,” Jill said. “So I’ve done something for someone else, they don’t know who I am, we’ve never met, and I’m able to just give back to someone who really needs something special at the moment.”

Although Jill did get great publicity when she shared her story with Good Morning America! We’re so glad she did, otherwise fewer people would know about how she uses her free time to help others.

If Jill inspires you, be sure to share this story, and don’t forget to learn more about her efforts in the video below.

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