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Housekeeper Sent To Clean VIP Home, Then Sees Name On Moving Boxes & Loses It.

Cara Simmons, a single mother of three who works as a housecleaner for Maid Brite, went to a client’s house one day to help them prepare for a party. She was told the client was very important and fully expected to conduct a full house-cleaning upon arrival.

Little did she know, one of the best days of her life was in store.

In the video below, Greg Benson, the host of a show called Prank It Forward, explaining that he and his crew have flown out to Cleveland, Ohio, where Cara lives, to do some “some serious good”for a truly deserving person.


And what makes Cara so deserving? “Cara’s an amazing person, an amazing sister–she’s selfless, she works hard,” says Glo Nicholson, Cara’s sister.

Her kids chime in, too, detailing just how incredible their mother is, and Cara’s boss, Mary Jo, praises Cara for being a hard worker, saying she’s never taken a day off in her life in order to make enough money to support her family.


Despite her work ethic, Cara still struggles to make rent. She’s been in and out of the hospital battling exhaustion, which has caused hospital bills to build up.

But, thankfully, her luck is about to change.

The whole house cleaning for a very important client? That was a set-up. The “client”named Madeline Blue is actually an actress, and the fake party that she’s prepping for, which she says is in honor of her boss, is all a lie.

When Cara arrives at the house, Madeline tells her the house has already been cleaned, and that it would be great if Cara could help taste test the food that’s being served for the night. She’s led into the home’s kitchen, where she meets renowned chef Manny Slomovits.


Cara proceeds to enjoy what is likely the best meal of her life, a seemingly infinite-course meal featuring lobster, white truffle, Kobe beef, jumbo shrimp, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and more.


After that, two masseurs arrive to the home, and Madeline tells Cara that she’s planning to have a massage station at the party that night. The masseurs say they need to warm up their hands, and guess who the lucky test subject is. That’s right, Cara.

The single mom looks slightly confused when the masseurs ask if they can give her a massage, but, of course, she obliges!


Then, Madeline asks Cara to come upstairs with her. She tells her that she has a bunch of designer clothes that she needs to get rid of and asks Cara if she’d like to take anything. Everything fits Cara like a glove, and you can tell she absolutely loves each piece.

It turns out, Glo and Greg went shopping earlier, and Glo picked out everything specifically based on Cara’s taste.


Up until this point, Cara seems slightly perplexed but infinitely grateful about the luck she’s had that day. But when a box is delivered to the house by a moving company, things start to get a little weird.

Madeline asks Cara if she will help her unpack a few things that the mover (Greg) is dropping off, but when she opens the box, she finds her own sweater and a picture of herself inside. She asks the mover where he’s gotten her belongings from, and he tells her that they belong to the owner of the house, a woman by the name of Cara Simmons.


That’s when Cara heads outside to investigate the moving truck, and who should pop out of its doors but Cara’s kids!


Cara realizes now that this has all been an elaborate trick, but then comes a surprise note even Glo knew about…

Greg tells Cara that the house is hers–it’s been bought for her and is completely paid off.


Prank for good, indeed.

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