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Little Boy Takes 2 Regular Pens & Blows Parents Away With Insane “Tapping” Skills.

Some people are born with an innate sense of rhythm and musical skills. Such natural talent can lead them to take an ordinary, everyday item — like a ballpoint pen — and do something truly amazing.

That’s the case for a little boy named Blake, who quickly went viral after showing off his unique pen tapping skills.

 blake tapping with pen

Now you may be thinking that tapping with pens to pass the time (especially if you’re a bored student) is rather common, but what this shy kid demonstrated in a viral Facebook video is truly remarkable.

“Blake is a born entertainer,” reads the video’s caption. “From an early age, we noticed his ability to take over a room. When he discovered pen tapping, it was no different.

A few kids his age began trying this trend, as well as one of Blake’s older brothers. Blake decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, he immediately blew them away.”

While his siblings and peers were struggling to stay on beat, Blake easily went faster and faster, thinking up rhythmic beats on the fly. So it was in his video, where he at one point abandons the pens and simply makes beats using his hands.


When it’s all done, Blake smiles and laughs shyly, as if he can’t quite grasp his own talent.

blake at end of vid

Well, Blake, neither can we, but we certainly hope you keep developing it to see where it might lead you.

Check out the full video below. If you’re a fan of talented musical children, please share this story!

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