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Horse Gallops Over To See Tiny Human Bestie Whenever He Calls Her Name.

Kolten and Maple

Growing up around animals teaches children so many valuable lessons.

For a little boy named Kolten, caring for Maple the horse means learning to be respectful around animals that are much bigger than he is. He may only be a toddler, but he has already learned to hold his hand flat when feeding her treats – and how to call her up from the pasture!

Kolten has loved Maple since the moment the family brought her home. Mom Melina says their blossoming friendship was apparent from day one, especially when she noticed the horse responding better to Kolten than she does to her!

“The first time he called Maple from the pasture, she just turned around and looked at him and came running up,” Melina recalled. “I was like, ‘Why doesn’t she do that with me?'”

Kolten and Maple’s bond grows stronger every day. He may only come up to her knees, but the horse is very gentle and careful with her favorite little human. Not only does he call her from the pasture in the evenings, he also loves to help Melina brush her, feed her, and give her lots of hugs and kisses.

Just look at how proud Kolten is for leading his “May May” on a rope, and how sweetly she goes wherever he does. We think she’d follow that child anywhere!

“I just think it’s incredible,” said Melina. “It makes me think it was just meant to be.”

Melina adds that Maple just instinctively knows to be careful with him because he’s a “little person.”

Now that he and Maple have gotten close on the ground, it’s time for this little cowboy to start riding! Kolten has now gotten on Maple’s back a few times, and each time the trust they share grows.

“They already have that bond,” Melina continued. “They already have that trust. She’s already a very calm horse who’s eager to learn. I can just see them learning together and growing.”

These two sweeties will definitely be friends for life! We can’t wait to watch them grow up together on their social media channels. Something tells us Kolten will be a lifelong animal lover thanks to these early lessons with his May May.

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