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Hopeful Teen Recruits Philadelphia Phillies Star For Epic Promposal

Promposal Bryce Harper

There are several epic promposal videos going around social media these days, but this one involving Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper just may take the cake. And the story behind the recruiting phase will make you smile.

Jake Portella, who attends Haddonfield Memorial High School in Haddonfield, New Jersey, was determined to make his promposal something that his date, Giulia Leonetti, would never forget. He knew Giulia was a huge Phillies fan, so he planned on incorporating the team. He just couldn’t figure out a solid plan.

“I’ve been brainstorming ideas for prom for a couple weeks,” he told MLB.com. “And I knew I wanted to do something Phillies-themed because she loves the Phillies so much. I was talking to one of my friends and I was like, ‘There’s some Phillies players who live in town, it’d be cool if I could get one of them to help me with it.’”

Jake considered creating a poster of Bryce that read, “Will you go to prom with me.” But then he had a stroke of genius—why present Giulia with a poster when he could bring her the real Bryce Harper? So the bold teen simply knocked on the two-time National League MVP’s door and asked if he could help.

When Bryce answered, Jake explained the situation. Bryce took Jake’s email address and said he’d think about it and send him a message in a few days. Then as Jake went to leave, Bryce had an idea.

“He calls me back, and he’s like, ‘What if we just did it right now?’”Jake recalled. “And I was like, ‘Forget the poster. I don’t think the poster matters if I get Bryce Harper to do it with me.’”

Someone caught the promposal on camera, and Jake posted it to his Instagram page. In it, he and the athlete stand on Giulia’s front porch, and when she opens the door, she’s absolutely shocked.

“Jake wants to ask you to prom, so I thought I’d help him out,” Bryce says. “So will you go to prom with him?”

“Yes!” she answers after taking a moment to catch up with reality.

“Awesome!” Bryce shouts.

Giulia gives Bryce Harper a long hug before thanking Jake.

“I just — oh my god. Bryce Harper,” she told MLB.com. “That was the only thing going through my head. I was just absolutely freaking out; I mean, this guy is the chosen one.

Guilia continued, “I was just hysterical, immediately started crying. I just couldn’t believe he was really there in front of me.”

Jake and Giulia will head to prom on June 14, and after that star-studded promposal, we’re sure Jake will make it a night to remember.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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