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Hoooooowl Cute! Watch Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pups Get A Vet Checkup.

red wolf pup

What’s even better than a litter of adorable red wolf pups? 

Seeing them get a check-up and a clean bill of health! 


Check out the red wolf pup exams! All 6 pups are growing quickly and did a great job during their check-ups! At 12 weeks old, the pups love to explore, wrestle, and enjoy their meals in their exhibit. Stop by and see the pups and their parents at Great Plains Zoo! . . . #GPZoo #Zoo #SiouxFalls #RedWolf #Conservation #EndangeredSpecies

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The six red wolf pups, who call Great Plains Zoo (GPZ) home, got their latest vet check at twelve weeks old. 

During their checkup, each pup was identified using a scanner, and then the vet performed an initial body condition check to look for any injuries or abnormalities. She also took a closer look at the pup’s ears, mouth, eyes, and heart rate — just like your vet would for your dog’s annual exam! 

After the exam, the pups get their vaccinations and then have their weight recorded before being returned to their exhibit. All six pups weighed in at a healthy weight of over 15 lbs. 

red wolf pup vet check

Camelia and Uyosi, the proud parents of the red wolf pups, arrived at GPZ in October from facilities in Washington and Texas. This is the first litter for both parents, who have proven to be exceptional at raising their pups. 

Joel Locke, GPZ Animal Care Director, expressed his admiration for the new parents, stating, “Camelia and Uyosi are amazing parents, I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.” 

These pups serve as a glimmer of hope for the critically endangered red wolf species, which currently faces the threat of extinction. 

Red wolves are currently the most endangered canid species in the world, with only about two dozen remaining in the wild. The red wolves at GPZ play a vital role in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program designed to preserve and increase the genetic diversity of the species. 

The good health of the six red wolf pups at the Great Plains Zoo is cause for celebration and a testament to the unwavering commitment of the conservation community. 

red wolf pup exam

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